The Zeekr brand has begun to increase in volume, sales have reached a new high, and exports have a good momentum

In the past time, the development of Zeekr has been very dazzling, and the achievements in delivery are of great significance. It has passed all the way, won the first opportunity in the tide of new energy vehicles, and strived for the upper reaches. Currently, the Zeekr brand has 001, 009 and X models on sale.


As Zeekrs first high-end smart electric model - the luxury safari coupe Zeekr 001, adhering to the product concept of "not making boring electric cars", breaking the traditional thinking of cars and SUVs, the safari coupe design is both elegant and practical. Zeekr 001 has been recognized by the market with its comprehensive and leading product strength in terms of design aesthetics, power performance, driving experience, smart driving fun and travel safety. Zeekr 001 is built on the basis of SEA's vast intelligent evolution experience architecture. It is a new generation of Zeekr's original pure electric architecture, and it is also the first smart car industry architecture developed around dynamic iterations to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.


As the third work of Zeekr Smart Technology, Zeekr X starts from the luxury needs of urban users, breaks the shackles of dolls, and brings users a top-level luxury experience that other luxury brands cannot, or even imagine, with the ultimate pure extreme Krypton-style design, representing the ultra-krypton-style control of pure electric ceilings, the industry's highest standard of extreme-krypton-style safety, creating a new standard in the compact luxury market, and completely remodeling the compact luxury experience to create a new benchmark in the industry.


Zeekr 009 continues Zeekr's distinctive design style and unexpected novelty interior gameplay, becoming one of the most dazzling stars in the MPV market this year. It has a much larger space performance than an SUV of the same level, and it does not need to pay the price of driving fun and personality like traditional MPV models.

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